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Photo of the Week - Week 8

By Sister Meg Earsley on Thursday, March 3rd 2022

When these beautiful women come to call at the end of Carnaval - it's time to dance!

The last day of Carnaval was Sunday and we all went to Yaguarú (pronounced ya-wa-roo) to enjoy the day with a big picnic at the small pueblo about an hour from here. After the picnic, Sister Yanira and I went for a long walk and came back to relax. It was really hot that day but a group of mujeres (women) from the village came to the convent accompanied by drums and flute music. It is a tradition, that when the women (called "originales" I think!) come, they are dancing to mark the end of Carnaval. The joy of these women was incredible and they invited the sisters to join them (which they did of course!) When they invited me, I considered saying no, but then I decided to do it anyway. Dancing is not my thing, but I decided it was an honor to be invited and join in the fun. It was an incredible feeling to be surrounded by joyful, strong, wise women and to join in their dance. It was the thrill of a lifetime. I didn't realize it, but someone was recording our dance. You can see it by clicking here. God bless these women. What a way to end a great day!

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Sarah Hennessey Says:
03/03/2022 7:40pm
Dancing Meg! I love it. Thanks for sharing your journey. Sounds so good

Carrie Kirsch Says:
03/04/2022 7:18pm
You have just added another experience to your list. Great way to get to know the people.

Sharon Bongiorno Says:
03/05/2022 2:37pm
It is good to let go and dance! I am glad you did it.

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