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Photo of the Week - Week 6

By Sister Meg Earsley on Thursday, February 17th 2022

What a strange creature! At the end of our time in Incachaca we stopped for Trucha (trout) at a restaurant and fishery. The sun finally snuck out from behind the clouds and suddenly, the place was filled with all sorts of different butterflies. They were all sorts of bright colors and all different sizes. They seemed to be too fast for me though, and I only was able to snap a photo of a small white butterfly. I didn't think anything of it and forgot I had taken it until I was reviewing the photos. Looking closer, the small white butterfly becomes an incredible wonder with striped antennae, bright green eyes and a soft yellow outline. Can you see the tongue drinking water? What a gift! I wonder if there are other things in my world right now that I need to take a closer look at in order to see the wonder. I think I'll start looking!

I'm not sure what it will be like in Santa Cruz, so if you don't see posts for a little while, don't worry! I will post as often as I can.

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02/18/2022 1:50pm
Yes the miracles are all around us.

David Kampa - Donna Reichwein-Kampa Says:
02/18/2022 4:37pm
Be safe Sister! We'll be looking forward to hearing from you soon. God Bless you in your work.

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