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Photo of the Week - Week 4

By Sister Meg Earsley on Thursday, February 3rd 2022

This week's photo comes from the Parque de la Familia (The Family Park) where I was invited by CLIMAL, my language school, to go to last night. A total of eight of us went. We enjoyed traditional Bolivian food at a restaurant (more on that another time) and then walked over to this spectacular show. For just 8 bolivianos, we were treated to bright lights bouncing off of water from different fountains, choreographed to music. There were lights like this, images and even video of flowers blooming in the fountain, all bright and colorful.  It was great fun. It started raining right before it started so we ended up standing pretty far away under a building. A few of the people with me said that since I was Franciscan I should pray for the rain to stop for an hour, hoping to watch the show and stay dry. I did better, I prayed for the rain to stop for TWO hours with a por favor and a gracias. The rain did stop, just as the light show was ending, DOH! I am pretty sure it started back up two hours later when everyone was home and tucked in for the night. I would say that still counts as an answered prayer!

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Therese Cummiskey Says:
02/04/2022 2:26pm
Next time you'll need to be more specific with start and stop times! Ha

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