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Photo of the Week - Week 29

By Sister Meg Earsley on Friday, July 29th 2022

Meet Jose. He's an 86-year-old blind man who, with great sorrow, explained that his family has abandoned him. It is normally part of the culture here for people to take care of their parents, often times bringing them into their home to care for them in their advanced age.

Jose was not so fortunate. Although the reasons are a mystery, one thing was for sure, Jose was in great need.

Help came for him long before we showed up this week though. An incredibly generous woman, an abuela (grandmother) herself, knew of Jose's need and took him into her home. He's fortunate to have his own room where he has a warm bed. He has meals and clean clothes too, thanks to her big heart.

The Nutrition Center helps the elderly when needed, so we are planning on returning to the home soon to teach Senora how to cook with soybeans, so she and Jose will have highly nutritious food.

When I was in the United States, one of the sisters in my community (thank you Sister Virdean!) donated a large number of Rosaries to the sisters here. Although we plan to use them in the churches, Sister Yanira offered one to Jose so he could say the Rosary during his quiet days. A perfect activity for someone without sight.

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