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Photo of the Week - Week 2

By Sister Meg Earsley on Thursday, January 20th 2022

I have to say, I had not intended to ever post a photo of myself as the photo of the week, but as luck would have it, being in isolation really limits my opportunity to take photos. So here we are on week 2 - and here I am!

I was considering taking a photo of Anita's Silpancho. It's a traditional Cochabamba plato with a large, flat piece of beef, lightly breaded and fried with an egg on top, rice and salsa. It was delicious.

Since this was the scene for the last week, I thought this more appropriate. I have been working hard at my studies all week with the wonderful instructors at CLIMAL who have adapted their schedules to allow me to continue learning. It is such a gift to me, and they do it with kindness, smiles and (I may have mentioned this before) loads of patience. I am so grateful for Anita, who takes care of me, leaves breakfast, lunch and dinner at my door and has given me an incredibly comfortable place to stay.

I have been overwhelmed by the amount of prayer and support I have received since learning I had COVID. Thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers! I am doing very well and have the tiniest symptoms left at this point. On Monday, I hope to be retested and receive a negative result so I can begin experiencing what it is to be in Cochabamba again.

Paz Y Bien!

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Kristin Waite-Labott Says:
01/20/2022 5:35pm
HI Meg! We miss you <3

Davney Stahley Says:
01/20/2022 5:39pm
Great! The Silpancho sounds wonderful! Hugs!

Sister Nora Ruiz S.H.Sp Says:
01/20/2022 10:25pm
So happy to hear that you are getting better. Praying that you test negative so that you can start enjoying this new and beautiful culture.

Karen Kappell Says:
01/21/2022 9:16am
Meg, I hope that you are well on your way to a full experience of being in in Cochabamba when Monday rolls around Karen

Mary Bard Says:
01/21/2022 10:42am
Looking good, Meg!

Celesta Says:
01/21/2022 11:57am
Miss you around here. Certainly want you to recover quickly. Blessings on your studies and service.

Jessica Doering Says:
01/21/2022 2:20pm
Hope you feel better Sister Meg!

Bob King Says:
01/22/2022 10:33am
Praying for you every morning, Sister. Grateful to learn that your symptoms have been mild and that you're on the recovery road.

Gillian Haygood Says:
01/22/2022 3:06pm
Prayers for healing and for your studies!

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