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Photo of the Week - Week 11

By Sister Meg Earsley on Thursday, March 24th 2022

This week's photo is from the convent in San Miguel where I spent some time last week. I have seen different art like this here in Bolivia, but the imagery in this one struck me more than the others. This type of art serves as a reminder of the history of the place. In here you see Jesus front and center surrounded by indigenous people, priests, workers, poor children and freed slaves. Behind it you can see some of the historical events that happened like the arrival of the Spanish, military oppression and protests. I don't know the specific historical stories depicted in this painting, but it moves me. It reminds me of the history we are exploring anew in the United States connected to historical trauma and systemic racism (and other "isms") and I wonder what art is being created back in the states that will tell the story of our history. It will be good to see the images the future brings.

I realized that it is difficult to see all the detail in this photo so I have made the original available here for anyone interested. 

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Marlene Walsh Says:
03/24/2022 2:04pm
What an moving, beautiful and yet chilling painting. And it clearly spans centuries, judging by the clothing. Truly amazing.

Terese Bekkum Says:
03/24/2022 11:51pm
Sister Meg, you have chose a beautiful image to share! Everywhere there are so many details that cause me to think, delve, and wonder. It makes me want to hear the story behind each historical vignette. In a strange way it gives me hope- maybe because Jesus is standing front and center with His arms around children. Thank you for sharing this.

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