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Hope Reborn

By Sister Meg Earsley on Sunday, December 26th 2021

Welcome to Wanderings and Wonderings! In this inaugural post, I'm sharing the first step on my road to Bolivia, where I'll attend language school and spend a year in mission with the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis in Santa Cruz. 

Frustration. Struggle. Roadblocks.

I began today questioning why things have become so difficult as I prepare for my time in Bolivia. The latest challenge presented itself as I learned that I needed to be present to obtain my visa. In Washington D.C.! Right now, it is easy to question God’s plan, and whether I am traveling in the right direction at this moment in my life. But I have been listening, and have heard God speaking to me through scripture, “arise, my friend, my beautiful one and come!” (Song of Songs 2:10) 

So, this evening after it was dark, I left La Crosse, to begin an epic road trip to Washington D.C. I am spending the night at my dad’s apartment and then we will drive the bulk of the distance tomorrow. As I drove, I found my attitude shifting. I started the drive in a dark mood, filled with negative thoughts. What I can only explain as divine condolence, I began to see my interstate driving as my speeding projection toward God. 

My spirit lifted as I realized that whether or not I am successful, I am journeying “with swift pace, light step and unswerving feet” (St. Clare blessing) toward God and really, that’s all that matters. Whether I receive the visa, even whether or not I get to Bolivia, none of that matters as much as continuing to race with God – I will arrive when I arrive. 

As my heart skips and I begin to feel the joy of this adventure all I can say is – let’s do this!


Dad and I made it and I got the visa!

Sister Meg Earsley and her father traveling to Washington DC

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