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Feliz Dia De la Amistad - Happy Friendship Day!

By Sister Meg Earsley on Saturday, July 23rd 2022

As I spend my time coloring a special little something for one of my friends here in Bolivia, I have been reflecting on my many friendships, past and present. It has been a joyful opportunity to spend time in many precious memories, dwelling in gratitude for the abundance of blessings my friends are to me and praying for those, old and new. God has blessed me indeed!

New and old,
near and far,
young and old,
some who are no longer here.

My friends have been
gamers and goth,
business and birders,
artists and scientists,
rich and poor,
all holding a special place in my heart.

Blessed with family who are friends,
and friends who are like family,
some were brief encounters,
others long-lasting deep connectedness,
and many that are somewhere in between.

Whoever you are,
wherever you are,
know this,
I share the love I have found in God's embrace
with you today.
May you feel friendship deep in your spirit.

One of my special joys is my gift of seeing "friend" in everyone I meet. Know that even if I haven't met you, you have a friend in me. (Cue music for Randy Newman's "You got a friend in me.") I will be spending today praying for all of my friends, past, present and future. If you would like a special prayer today or whenever you read this, know that I would be blessed to pray for you. Send in a comment and know that your intention will be in my prayers. After all, what are friends for?! (Be sure to mark it private in some way if you don't want it shared with the others who read this.)

God bless you on this special day - and always!

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Mary Ann Gschwind Says:
07/23/2022 1:40pm
And we are all blessed to have you in our lives!

Nina Shephard Says:
07/23/2022 2:29pm
Happy Friendship day, Meg. You truly are a friend to all. It is one of your gifts. Love - Nina

Gillian Haygood Says:
07/23/2022 9:45pm
Blessed to have your friendship since 2nd grade!

Marlene Weisenbeck Says:
07/24/2022 4:08pm
What a lovely way of engaging others in your life and mission at this time! Happy Friendship Day!

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