Wanderings and Wonderings - Sister Meg's Journey

A Walk with the Holy Spirit

By Sister Meg Earsley on Sunday, April 24th 2022

Today, the Holy Spirit invited me on a walk. I grabbed my camera and we had a wonderful time. There were so many wonderful creations to appreciate. I decided not to do more than enjoy the time and snap some photos for you. Enjoy!

There's also a little video here if you want to see something wondrous: https://youtu.be/DlqKc1sj85o.

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Marlene Walsh Says:
04/24/2022 2:57pm
These photos are magnificent and are a reminder of the incredible beauty of God's earth. Thank you so much for sharing - I am now filled with the Holy Spirit!

Karen A. Bukoll Says:
04/24/2022 3:05pm
Your photos are so beautiful! I hope that you publish a book of your photography when you return to the United States.

Mary Ann Gschwind Says:
04/24/2022 4:16pm
These could win a photo contest! I love them all. Thanks for sending!!!!

Mary Ann Gschwind Says:
04/24/2022 4:17pm
These could win a photo contest! Thanks for sharing!

Aunt Terese Says:
04/24/2022 9:10pm
What a delight! Thank you and the Holy Spirit!

Rita M Feeney Says:
04/25/2022 6:51am
Thank you for the beautiful pictures - God speaks - beauty exists.

Karen Kappell Says:
04/26/2022 8:38am
Shadows, Colors, Empty Spaces with signs of life- thanks for the Resurrection your spirit has found and the sharing. Karen

Jessica Doering, FSPA Partner in Mission Says:
04/26/2022 2:30pm
This is probably one of my favorites of your blog posts, what a beautiful way to share your experience-thank you :)

Jean Feeney, Spiritual Life staff at the Villa Says:
05/05/2022 12:43pm
Meg, These are beautiful! I'm making copies and putting them into a PowerPoint with music to share with the sisters at the Villa for "A Walk With the Spirit" during one of our afternoon times together!! THANK YOU!!

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