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A Little Bit of Sadness - Patience and Love

By Sister Meg Earsley on Monday, August 29th 2022

I've had some sadness lately. There's really no reason why, it just has quietly and persistently been inviting me into myself. It's a hard thing for me to admit, possibly even more to myself than to others. And yet, here I am.

This is a time for quiet, for patience as I reflect on this reality and a time to spend a little bit more time loving myself. A little more time being a person of support, acceptance and peace that I try to be to others -- only this time to be that person for myself.

After some time with myself, and with the help of others in my life, I am hopeful that things will brighten. Like this rose I snapped a photo of on a cool, rainy, gray day here at the convent, things are already starting to open to a brighter day.

Blessings to you all - and gentle prayers for me are appreciated!

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Mary Bley Says:
08/29/2022 4:21pm
Dearest Sister Meg, We have not met before but I Love You! I Love Your Honesty. Your Heart is a Gemstone. Your Wanderings and Wonderings is always a source of inspiration and awe for me. Before I send messages to you, I must click a box that says “I am human”. You are profoundly and robustly and beautifully human! Mary Frances Bley (Graduating Class 1958-59, Second Grade, St. Augustine, Spokane, Washington. Taught by The Angel in a Nun’s Habit: Sister Rita Mae (who told me about you)!

Diane Porter Says:
08/29/2022 6:11pm
All love and blessings to you dear Meg.

Your sister Roselyn Says:
08/30/2022 6:16am
Holding you in God's healing love and light. To affirm I am human there were 12 lions. I was to click on the ones with a mane on his neck. Made me smile.

Rita M Feeney Says:
08/30/2022 4:21pm
Meg - know of my love as you face whatever it that is surfacing in you. I do admire your honesty - not many of us are willing to share our feeling when we consider them "negative" however sadness is not negative - it is our body trying to relay information. Be gentle and know you are special.

Bob King Says:
08/30/2022 8:39pm
Dear Sister, Though I've been an infrequent responder (I couldn't resists the pudding question), please know that your blog has brought me joy each and every day. I've not missed one. The Holy Spirit continues to work through you in most wonderful and healing ways. I pray and know you will continue to allow our Lord to continue his work on earth through your hands, feet, voice, mind, heart, and spirit. Continued peace and grace to you!

Mary Ellen Pankow Says:
08/31/2022 7:10pm
Holding you in thought & prayer.

Patrice Katwowski Says:
09/04/2022 7:55am
I hope your sadness flees and the brightness of the flower ? brightens your days. Much love to you Meg.

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