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Photo of the Week - Week 9

Wednesday, March 9th 2022 6:58 pm

Me gustan las motos! Sister Yanira snapped this photo of me on our way back from a neighborhood yesterday. The most popular mode of transportation in this area is the motorcycle (moto in espanol) and so when I first arrived and Sister Yanira mentioned that she normally takes a motorcycle taxi to and from the clinic to visit patients, I decided I should embrace this part of the culture here. It is a gift to get to ride on a motorcycle (side-saddle of course because I am wearing a skirt!) after a hot day of walking around a neighborhood in the sun. The breeze is cooling and I even get to see a bird or two on the way back. Is it dangerous? Probably a little, but traffic in this area runs smoothly and everyone is used to the flow so we weave around a car or a truck, bounce over rocky roads, snake around big puddles on skinny tracks and make it back to the center in time for lunch. It's the best deal in town - only 3 bolivianos! (That's the equivalent of about $.45 in US dollars.) Today, when I asked Sister Yanira which photo I should share, she quickly told me this was the one!

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