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A New Invitation: Walking with Intention

Sunday, March 13th 2022 1:31 pm

I am a dreamer. I always have been. In the 1st grade, the teacher I had commented on a report card that I was intelligent, if only I would pay attention! Imagining is a joy for me. I love stories with dragons and unicorns. I enjoy looking at buildings for sale and imagining what business would be good in them. My imagination is great for creatively troubleshooting problems, planning a trip or a party and brainstorming ideas. It has been my friend and companion for all of my life.

I find that here, at this moment in my life, my dreaming is a distraction. While I am learning Spanish, it only takes a moment to lose the thread of conversation. I have found myself slipping into my dream world when listening is difficult or I become tired. Tuning out in this way isolates me from the people around me. I become alone in my little bubble and no amount of imagination can restore the disconnection.

I find myself receiving a call for this moment. I realize that what is really needed for me right now is to put my dreaming aside and truly be present to what God is showing me right now. I need to be present with all of my senses, all of my mind and all of my heart.

My challenge and my invitation is to walk in this experience with complete intentionality.

I will keep my dreaming and imagination for another time. I will place it in a treasured place and take it out when it is needed again but for now, I will give this time and space my complete attention.

God affirmed my new commitment as I left lunch today. I looked out into the courtyard and a Tropical Kingbird knocked a Guira Cuckoo into the yard about 20 feet away from me. (Don’t worry, he wasn’t hurt!) What a strange and magnificent bird! The cuckoo waited for me to get my camera before posing for some great shots and finally flying away. A group of us were able to enjoy the experience together. Afterward, Therese and I talked about the bird digitally and Therese identified him!

Thank you, creative, kind and encouraging God, for guiding me on my journey.



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