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Modern Lives. Sacred Traditions.

What will you bring to the feast today [and every day]?

Reach out to our brothers and sisters -- do what is yours to do -- through prayer, in ministry.

A new career in religious life?

Ask any Catholic sister: a "yes" to religious life can open more doors than ever imagined.

Honoring service, goodness

Reflecting and renewing as revolutionaries of goodness on Labor Day.

Mary, Clare, a novice and an associate: discerning pathways to God

Where do these pioneers, blazing their own paths to religious life, inspire you to go?

Sounding the bell for 140 years of 24/7 prayer [video]

FSPA celebrates the ministry, since Aug. 1, 1978, of perpetual adoration to the world.

Discerning wisdom in words

Are you carrying and comprehending security, delight and love through the doors to religious life?

Empowering peace this Fourth of July

Let us light up the sky with bold goodness of prayer ...

Finding God at the wheel with Sister Laurice

"... each new shape of clay," shares Sister Amy about her time with Sister Laurice at the potter's wheel, "mirrored my own transformation as a religious sister."

As we prepare for Memorial Day

Let us remember, celebrate, pray.

Stepping into bright futures

Sister Amy celebrates "... all the ways that God has brought you to this milestone in your life."

Called to the right now of the journey

Discernment: "... when a walk becomes a gateway to prayer that soothes our souls."

Sister Sandra celebrates, contemplates religious life in jubilee

"... living religious life is a journey," shares Sister Sandra, who learned in ministry that "miracles happen."

Sister Cormarie celebrates, contemplates religious life in jubilee

"In my heart," shares Sister Cormarie, "my vows were final the first time I spoke them."

FSPA reflects upon World Day of Prayer for Vocations

Praying for religious life on April 22: who will you invite to the conversation?

Sister Marla celebrates, contemplates religious life in jubilee

Tending to discernment requires prayer, guidance, openness ... risking the goodness when found.

Filling our hearts this Easter season

Let us celebrate Jesus and the joyfulness of his resurrection. 

Praying for a blessed Holy Week

He fills our spirits with joy!

FSPA at RE Congress 2018 ... Rise Up!

Sisters Amy and Kathy reached out to hundreds of people with "Discernment of signs along the way: your story of service in the Catholic Church" at the recent Los Angeles Religious Education Congress.

What inspires Sister Sue about religious life today?

"The time is blooming with opportunity, and craving what we have to offer."

What inspires Sister Janet about about religious life today?

"The trust lay people put in me with their personal lives." 

Temptation and transformation in the desert

God guides us to explore the depths of vocational discernment even in the most dreaded circumstances, with us as we confront the temptations that threaten our fidelity to live in communion with God.

Hearts and ashes

When desire to be of service is present, are we ready to love like Christ?

1,080 years of religious life

Let the 2018 FSPA Jubilee celebrations begin!

Turn your back or open your arms to discernment?

Will we live with eyes wide open or avert our glance, ignoring our brothers and sisters in need?

Discovery in discernment: breakthroughs of mind and heart

Like a scientific finding, discernment starts with a question.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the joy and inspiration of discernnment in 2018 and a lifetime to come.

Beacons of hope

Spiritual blisters: symbols of joy discovered in risking the journey.


Discipline and commitment in our hearts: not just in Lent but Advent and discernment too.

Journey of Advent

How is your discernment part of the pilgrimage experience? Are you willing to enter the passage?

A transformative moment

In discernment, abundance is recognizing that God provides more than we could ever consume.

What did you say?

From novice to the common good: the language of discerning religious life.

Discernment: clothed in your own uniqueness

Call to mind the boldness of wearing orange when the world encourages you to blend in.

Action vs. contemplation in discernment?

Active vs. contemplative discernment: visiting communities and meeting sisters equally essential as praying for wisdom and direction.

Discerning, igniting a revolution of peace

What would happen if we woke up and fostered peace and positivity instead of hate and greed?

Intuition: an essential tool for home improvement and discernment

There may not be assembly instructions for completing the perfect household project or the future, discernment included.

Tuning in to God, discernment

Sister Amy, in her own discernment, found that "Each community carried individual tones and music of life."

Crisis reveals goodness

Walking together — through life changers like discernment — takes courage and conviction but also generates power to shape the future.

Imagination inspires vision in discernment

Discernment: imagining yourself in new climates, cultures an invitation from God. 

Sister Georgia: A morning offering

May the warmth of the cup, transferred to my hands, be a reminder of the warmth and love I am to extend to all who I meet today.

Viewing relationships in a discernment eclipse

What happens when parents, friends experience their own moments of obscurity in your discernment?

New horizons ahead

What would happen if you contacted the community whose website is open in your browser?

Obituaries and celebrating St. Clare

Your obituary: will it speak to your courage, service, voice, gifts?

Life as a nun today: FSPA can relate

FSPA: living modern lives, sacred traditions.

Sister Amy: grateful for the ways I'm inspired to pray

The Holy Spirit is really good at getting my attention, inviting me to contemplation.

Sister Cormarie's Six Word Mission Story

Feeding and nourishing the physical and the spiritual: Sister Cormarie in her Six Word Mission Story.

Sister Antona's Six Word Mission Story

In her own six words, Sister Antona tells of thrilling times, vast commitment and a giving God.

Sister Fran's Six Word Mission Story

Imparting education, companionship and solace in times of sorrow: Sister Fran's Six Word Mission Story.

Sister Luanne's Six Word Mission Story

In six words Sister Luanne describes religious life as perpetual, full of abundant opportunities and precious gifts.

Sister Betty's Six Word Mission Story

Beckoned and blessed in mutuality, as a teacher, Sister Betty is aligned with God in her Six Word Mission Story.

Sister Marian's Six Word Mission Story

Her spirit united, her being uplifted, Sister Marian beams with God in her Six Word Mission Story.

Sister Helen's Six Word Mission Story

In Sister Helen's Six Word Mission Story, she celebrates spiritual communion with all. 

Sister Ronalda's Six Word Mission Story

Sister Ronalda, in her Six Word Mission Story, speaks to discovering hidden, collective gifts.

Sister Arlene's Six Word Mission Story

In all there is to give to God, says Sister Arlene in her Six Word Mission Story, nothing is impossible.

Sister Mary Ann's Six Word Mission Story

In her Six Word Mission Story Sister Mary Ann celebrates her FSPA ministries of child education, elder care.

Community, prayer, gift

Community gathers, grateful for prayers, all is gift!

Sister Mary Ellen's Six Word Mission Story

Non-stop prayer, says Sister Mary Ellen in her Six Word Mission Story, enriches the FSPA and the ways they serve!

Sister Joanne's Six Word Mission Story

Kindness—the welcoming modeled by St. Francis of Assisi—is to be shared universally (as does Sister Joanne in her Six Word Mission Story)!

Sister Margaret's Six Word Mission Story

With familial sustenance, when the invitation arrived, Sister Margaret accepts: her Six Word Mission Story.

Sister Sarah's Six Word Mission Story

Sister Sarah's Six Word Mission Story: she's not leaving any of us behind.

Sister Malinda's Six Word Mission Story

God invites Sister Malinda to the bountiful table and, in her Six Word Mission Story, she accepts. 

Sister Juanita's Six Word Mission Story

Unsettled stirring, innermost discord, adoring assent: Sister Juanita’s Six Word Mission Story.

Sister Clarone's Six Word Mission Story

Embodying the adoration of God to one and all: Sister Clarone's Six Word Mission Story.

Mantle of grief

Easter alleluias always come: God will not abandon you on your discernment journey.

Sister Rita's Six Word Mission Story

With ministerial strength, Sister Rita speaks of service to all under God in her Six Word Mission Story.

Sister Georgia's Six Word Mission Story

In her Six Word Mission Story Sister Georgia continues to follow the call—with jubilance—to ministry. 

Sister Nancy's Six Word Mission Story

Sister Nancy Lafferty's Six Word Mission Story? Serving more than four decades in post-secondary education ministry.

Sister Mary's Six Word Mission Story

Awe-inspired, her spirit ready and waiting, Sister Mary dives into her Six Word Mission Story of discernment.

Sister Therese's Six Word Mission Story

Body language, says Sister Therese Wolf in her Six Word Mission Story, can speak silently/declare loudly the Gospel.

Sister Karen's Six Word Mission Story

Sister Karen is residing in community, embodying the Gospel devotedly, in her Six Word Mission Story.

Sister Rosalia's Six Word Mission Story

With abundant breath and intention to pass uninhibitedly Sister Rosalia, as she does in her Six Word Mission Story, rejoices in being.

Sister Mary Myron's Six Word Mission Story

Declaring and sharing it throughout her ministry as a David School teacher: Sister Mary Myron's Six Word Mission Story

Sister Pauline's Six Word Mission Story

Sustenance providing, pastoral care giving, global journeying: Sister Pauline's Six Word Mission Story.

Sister Karolyne's Six Word Mission Story

In this week's Six Word Mission Story, Sister Karolyne tells of her ministry of bountiful hospitality in a place of abundant beauty.

Sharing courage to walk in darkness and light

Does love want others to lose in order for someone to win?

Sister Eileen's Six Word Mission Story

Sister Eileen, in her Six Word Mission Story, discerns necessity and means of ministry.

World Day of Prayer for Consecrated Life

Will you be part of the next generation of consecrated life?

Sister Esther's Six Word Mission Story

With immediacy, empathy and consciousness, Sister Esther has served this Six Word Mission Story.

Service Saturday: mutuality at its core

Service and discernment: are you open to the idea that God co-creates with you the future?

Sister Amy's Six Word Mission Story

Journeying in the now to beckoning vocation: Sister Amy’s Six Word Mission Story.

Resolutions and reflection in discernment

Trust—on the days you feel like you aren't measuring up to your discernment resolutions—in the power of prayer.

Jesus under wraps

Would your life be different if Jesus and your relationship and your beliefs were unwrapped?

Franciscan family reunions

Are you called to join a family of Franciscans working in service of the Gospel?

Let's begin with your story ... and a step

Your journey to religious life starts with your story... and a step. 

Meet Sisters

Begin your vocation journey

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