We proclaim A Revolution of Goodness

05/29/2018 1:32 pm

A Revolution of Goodness event logo

The Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and affiliates have proclaimed “A Revolution of Goodness.” We showed up to "do something."

For the second time in the congregation’s 169-year history, the sisters invited guests from the general public to attend. The last time was during the 1980s as the sisters and affiliates discerned “The Mission of the 80s.” "A Revolution of Goodness" incorporated Appreciative Inquiry, a gentle art of asking instead of telling, into its planning. 

Following discussions and our declarations, we proclaim A Revolution of Goodness by committing to action in the following areas over the next four years:

We build bridges of relationships that stretch us to be people of encounter who stand with all suffering in our Earth Community.

Gospel Living
We are freed through joyful Gospel Living to be transformed in love and goodness for community and mission.

Unity in Diversity
We celebrate authentically unity in diversity by challenging ourselves to unveil our white privilege.

The provocative movements listed above represent much of our work during A Revolution of Goodness and FSPA Chapter of Affairs. In the coming months, we will begin the process of synthesizing more deeply this good work and how we shape these provocative movements.On July 28, we’ll announce the 2018-2022 FSPA Leadership Team. In October, our affiliates will lead "Continuing A Revolution of Goodness: Affiliation Convocation" to continue the goodness movements. 

Share in the goodness!
La Crosse Tribune reporter Mike Tighe joined A Revolution of Goodness and here's what he has to say:

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Watch: During the Revolution of Goodness, sisters, affiliates and guests meditated upon the video below as they were asked to think deeply about what is stirring in their hearts. Later, more than 20 declarations of goodness came forward. Now, sisters and affiliates live in to the work of the assembly and continue the Revolution of Goodness.

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