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The Amazon: Common Home

10/01/2019 3:19 pm

cry of the earth. cry of the poor.

Our Statement

Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration has declared a Revolution of Goodness by committing to action that demonstrates how we are interconnected, united in Christ. We are committed to building bridges of relationships that stretch us to be people of encounter who stand with all suffering in our Earth Community. That is why  FSPA  joins other religious congregations in a global call to prayer for the Vatican’s October 2019 Synod, “The Amazon: new paths for the Church and for integral ecology” in Rome. During the Amazon Synod, bishops from around the world are gathered to consider the dire ecological needs of the Amazon region and its people.

We continue to be inspired by the writings of Pope Francis in Laudato Si where he writes (92), “ Everything is related, and we human beings are united as brothers and sisters on a wonderful pilgrimage, woven together by the love God has for each of his creatures and which also unites us in fond affection with brother sun, sister moon, brother river and mother earth.” 

As members of the International Union of Superior Generals, we pledge our support of the Amazon Synod. Together we gather, listen and pray for the reality and spirituality of the Amazon region. We understand that it is our calling to hear the Cry of the Earth and the Cry of the Poor.

Global Tent

...a space to meet, listen and pray for the reality and spirituality of the Amazon region Oct. 7 - 25, 2019.

The Global Tent is open to all through Oct. 25. We invite guests to draw on their senses by grounding with the earth, listening to music, reading stories and viewing images from the Pan-Amazonian Region. You’re also invited to leave a reflection. All are welcome and the tent will be open to come and go as you wish.

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About the Amazon Synod
FSPA is joining other religious congregations around the world to create a symbolic space as a sign to remember to pray for the Amazon Synod, “The Amazon: New Paths for the Church and for Integral Ecology,” hosted by the Vatican in Rome and attended by bishops from all dioceses in the world. During the October synod, attendees will discuss the Amazon and its people.  

The Amazon: Common Home

Synod of Bishops for the Special Assembly for the Pan-Amazon Region

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