'Thank You' video from Hamilton to FSPA

02/24/2022 2:47 pm

Sister Lucy Ann Meyer and Mary Snider, FSPA affiliate, are helping Hamilton Early Learning Center educators in La Crosse, Wisconsin, to “… provide students with the best educational experience possible” through an FSPA ministry grant they sponsor. 

Sister Lucy Ann and Mary are striving to provide “overall health enrichment” for Hamilton’s teachers that includes appreciation luncheons and off-site amenities that allow for complete immersion in the building of a student-resiliency program. 

“Our staff are immensely grateful for all of the support and encouragement from Sister Lucy and Mary and FSPA,” says Hamilton's principal, Ben Burns. “Tangible support, such as luncheons and donations, are very helpful, but we cannot understate how much the emotional support and cheerleading for the work we do means as well.”

Hamilton shares this video “thank you” message with FSPA.

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