Sharing Abundance: installation of elected leaders 2022-2026

10/30/2022 12:24 pm

Sisters Sue Ernster, Georgia Christensen, Julie Tydrich, Marie DesJarlais and Marcia Baumert hold signed scroll

“Humbled and grateful for the trust FSPA has in electing us as the new team…” is how newly elected president Sister Sue Ernster described the team’s feelings as they were installed to leadership on Oct. 30. Along with Sister Sue, Sister Georgia Christensen takes office as vice president and Sisters Julie Tydrich, Marie DesJarlais and Marcia Baumert as mission councilors.

The team members are elected from among the perpetually professed sisters to govern the congregation according to FSPA Constitutions. As women of prayer, vision, courage and good judgment, they serve and lead in a spirit of cooperation and unity. They promote FSPA goals and provide for continual renewal so that FSPA can respond to the needs of contemporary society.

leadership team's signed scroll

“We are in a change of era … living and leading through change,” Sister Sue continued in her reflection. “We need a solid foundation that remains no matter how much we change.” Sister Sue noted prayer, God’s presence, each other and God’s abundance as elements of FSPA’s solid foundation. “As we serve and lead these next four years being in relationship with you, sisters, God’s abundance is crucial as we create the future of FSPA and religious life. We’ll continue to step outside of our comfort zones to create the future we desire. We are led to those who help us most to grow, if we let them.”

Sisters Sue, Georgia, Julie, Marie and Marcia present the signed scroll

Mary of the Angels Chapel filled with guests

All gathered offer a prayer of blessing to the new team: “O loving and holy God, we ask your blessing upon our sisters who have been chosen to serve in the ministry of congregational leadership. May your Spirit be with them as they perform this service. May they be filled with wisdom, integrity, courage and love.”

This FSPA Leadership Team serves Nov. 1, 2022 to Oct. 31, 2026.

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