Repair Our Democracy

01/07/2021 8:59 am

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious, of which FSPA is a member, joins with the world in praying for peace after witnessing the violence and lawlessness yesterday in our nation’s capital.

We are deeply concerned about the state of our country US Capitoland the future of our democracy. Our hearts ached as we watched these despicable actions that threaten not only to destroy the seat of
our government but to rend the bonds that unite us.
We commend and thank the members of Congress who courageously continued their service to the nation last night
even amid the chaos.

In our increasingly divided nation, we renew our commitment to the common good and pledge to take up the challenge to use our energy to repair our democracy and contribute to the work of building a more perfect union. We invite all people of good will to join us and we call on our elected leaders to point the way.

Send us peace

On January 6, as the events were unfolding, Sister Julia Walsh shared the following prayer on social media:

God of hope and mercy, we pray tonight that you restore safety, civility and order across the land of the USA. 
Protect members of congress, Holy One, so that they can fulfill their constitutional duties. 
Be with all who are impacted by the chaos. 
Send us peace.

-Sister Julia Walsh

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