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"Rebirth" by Sister Eileen McKenzie

06/20/2017 1:41 pm

In the June 6 issue of “Global Sister’s Report,” Sister Eileen McKenzie’s poem “Rebirth” is published in the article “Pioneers in the 21st century” as a reflection of her experience at May’s Leadership Collaborative. 

"During our time together, it became clear that we are not re-creating, re-newing, re-founding, or for that matter re-anything. These concepts are placing patches on the old system. We are creating anew! Something is being birthed as the old systems come to their natural end. It is the paschal mystery being lived fully, and we must enter its dynamic with hope to suffer, die, let go and empty ourselves so new life is birthed. Sister Eileen McKenzie, a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration, wrote a poem titled "Rebirth" that captures the essence of our time together."

by Sister Eileen McKenzie

Where are we?
Who knows?
We're here.
That's enough.

What're we doin'?
We're sharin' and carin'
and rarin' to go.
Go where?
Don't know.
Haven't been there before.
But we know the Way.
Caring and sharing
Questioning and praying
Laughing and dancing
Accompanying and crying
Witnessing and proclaiming
Healing and teaching
Trying and failing
Trying again and failing again
That there's no "right way"
There's only
The Way
and that Way is
Living and
Loving and
Dying and
Rising again to
New Life.

Where are we going again?
Don't know.
Haven't been there before.
But we DO know the Way.

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