Q & A with Sister Marlene: human trafficking

11/07/2018 7:58 am

Global Catholic Sisters Report sat down with Sister Marlene Weisenbeck to understand the "particular role women religious can play in ending human trafficking."

GSR: You've talked before about the importance of collaboration when it comes to ending human trafficking. Why is collaboration so important?

Sister Marlene: No one organization can do it all alone. It's as simple as that. A task force can't do it alone, a nonprofit organization can't do it alone, a faith-based group can't do it alone, law enforcement and social services can't do it alone. We all have to work together because the survivors come to us through various venues, and not any one organization has all of the expertise or all of the resources to help a victim in the way that they need to be helped.

Women religious, we've been collaborating for years with organizations. I think if we go back to the education and health care ministries that historically we've been so prominently involved with, those collaborations started when we began to hire laypeople. And so, as we move forward, I think it's a natural thing for us to want to work with other community-based organizations to accomplish our mission.

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