Beginning the "Fratelli Tutti" conversation

10/06/2020 4:27 pm

"... the continuing global health crisis makes it 'all the more urgent that we rethink our styles of life,'" says Pope Francis in "Fratelli Tutti, on Fraternity and Social Friendship," his new encyclical letter released by the Vatican on Oct. 4. 

National Catholic Reporter's article "Pope's post-COVID encyclical envisions a less populist, less capitalistic world" details some of the discussion that "Fratelli Tutti" is intended to start, including "trickle-down economics, the world's unfair distribution of wealth, continued use of the just war theory and the death penalty, and populist leaders who appeal to people's 'basest and most selfish inclinations.'"


CNS/Vatican Media

In addition to the NCR report, we share some additional resources for understanding what is ours to do in this time of global pandemic, economic crisis and U.S. presidential election through "Fratelli Tutti":

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