Native American Boarding School: 7 Weeks of Action for 7 Generations"

10/13/2022 1:35 pm

NABS Healing Coaltion encourages everyone to call Congress with this message, "During the month of November, which is Native American Heritage Month, I ask that you provide time on the floor to bring forward the Truth and Healing Commission Bill (H.R. 5444 in the house / S.2907 in the Senate)."

NABS launched the "7 Weeks of Action for 7 Generations" highlighting HR.5444 / S.2907, the Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding School Policies Act, holding a two hour event with over 500 registrants. According to NABS Healing Coalition's YouTube page, "We had a dynamic list of elected officials, youth leaders, tribal advocates, and allies who attended. It will take each and everyone of us to ensure HR. 5444 / S.2907 gets passed in Congress." Watch the launch below. And, follow NABS website and social media channels for action items. 


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