Meet our new eco team members

09/23/2022 2:15 pm

Siena MuehlfeldSiena Muehlfeld - Land Stewardship Coordinator
Siena has over 4 years of experience managing land and restoring native habitats for organizations including the Mississippi Valley Conservancy, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Madison Audubon Society. She is originally from the Milwaukee area and has a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Siena applied with FSPA because she wanted to gain the experience of caring for a single piece of land so that she may get to know it and its inhabitants deeply. Her main goals for this position are to integrate scientific and spiritual practices in order to practice good stewardship of the land and to share with others the joys and benefits of being in a good relationship with nature.


Lisa BrouelletteLisa Brouellette - WisCorps Service Member
Lisa received a bachelor’s degree in ecology from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and a master’s degree in biology from the University of Minnesota Duluth. For her master’s thesis, she used DNA sequencing to study the diet in migrating raptors. Much of her previous work has been in avian research, and she is very passionate about bird conservation. Lisa applied for the FSPA ecological assistant position because she is eager to learn about ecological restoration and regenerative land management. During her time at FSPA, one of Lisa’s goals is to document the biological diversity on the FSPA land and identify ways in which FSPA can protect the creatures who share it. Together with Siena, Lisa will also be supporting projects surrounding the FSPA woods, prairies and trails.

Emily OrthEmily Orth - WisCorps Service Member
Emily graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in December of 2021 with a bachelor's degree in biology and chemistry. Before starting with FSPA she worked at Hillside Animal Hospital for 3 years. Animal care has always been one of her passions. Emily chose to apply with FSPA to have the opportunity to learn more about environmental sustainability while also having an impact on the community. Eventually, Emily plans on applying for graduate school to further her education. One goal she has while with FSPA is to promote and encourage care for creation while forming relationships along the way. Emily will be supporting in-house sustainability efforts like recycling, composting and water conservation.

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