LCWR: Following the Spirit's Beckoning

08/12/2022 3:39 pm

The general assembly of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious held its annual gathering Aug. 9-12, themed "Mystical Wisdom: Following Spirit's Beckoning." 

According to Global Catholic Sisters Report's coverage, "LCWR brings mystical conversations down to earth with contemplative panel," "Touching on a handful of current crises — including violence, displacement, the rise of authoritarianism and the transfer of religious properties — as well as divine cosmic mysteries and the importance of relationality, [M. Shawn] Copeland and [Sister Connie] FitzGerald were tasked with offering an example to the sister leaders gathered in St. Louis, Missouri: how to tap one's spiritual resources, how to speak on spiritual wisdom in an accessible way, how to 'think theologically together,'" as FitzGerald put it.

FSPA gathered not only with LCWR members but as Companions in Franciscan Solidarity. Relationships rooted in years of connection between FSPA, Sister of St. Francis of Assisi and Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis remain strong. Pictured below, (front), Sisters Georgia Christensen, Karen Kappell, Diana DeBruin, OSF; (back) Sisters Eileen McKenzie, Theodosia Baki, TSSF, Corrina Thomas. 

Sisters Eileen, Theodosia, Corrina, Georgia, Karen and Diana pose for the camera

"Sisters were going back and forth for two decades between the U.S. and Cameroon, and we developed some very important personal relationships," explains Sister Eileen McKenzie. "There is just this really deep relationship between our congregations that is rooted in friendship, Franciscanism and the Gospel."

Sisters Corrina, Theodosia and Eileen pose for the camera

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