Introducing: Gardening 101

05/22/2020 9:00 am

Welcome to Gardening 101

These updates are hosted by Karen Stoltz, FSPA Ecospirituality Project Outreach Coordinator. To chat with Karen, contact us!

seedlings at FSPA garden

FSPA Garden Cookbook

FSPA and their partners in mission submitted their favorite recipes using fresh produce and we compiled them to make this cookbook. Enjoy!

Starting a Garden

Gardening offers the benefits of exercise, fresh produce, and a connection to God’s creations. Here are a few steps to help get you started:

Select what you'd like to grow

a. Call/Zoom your gardener friends for seed and plant recommendations. Contact Karen to learn the FSPA favorites! Or contact your local County Extension Horticulture agent (here's the La Crosse extension).

b. Peruse available seed varieties at the stores, starting at the end of March.

c. Visit reputable seed companies online (such as Johnny’s SeedSeed SaversJungs) and request a free catalog online. For trees and shrubs make sure to look for “hardy at zone 4.”

d. Determine how many plants you wish to grow. Seed packets and seed catalogs give you spacing requirements.For trees and shrubs make sure to check for mature height and width.

Read the rest of this issue of Gardening 101 here.

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