FSPA receives Wisconsin's 2020 Land Legacy Award

07/22/2020 3:27 pm

Gathering Waters, Wisconsin’s alliance for land trusts, has honored FSPA with Land Conservation Leadership's 2020 Land Legacy Award. The award recognizes that FSPA’s “support of the Mississippi Valley Conservancy’s efforts to protect land and water resources in La Crosse and the Driftless Area shows their dedication and mission to care for creation through advocacy and social change, while modeling sustainability and healthy lifestyles." 

In an article announcing the award, MVC Executive Director Carol Ambrahamzon lauds FSPA for efforts both local, including hosting the event “Hiking, Growing, and Gazing” on FSPA land on St. Joseph Ridge, and global, like promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Laudato Si’.

To read the announcement, visit gatheringwaters.org.


FSPA Ecospirituallity Project Outreach Coordinator Karen Stoltz welcomes visitors to FSPA land on St. Joseph Ridge for the 2019 “Hiking, Growing, and Gazing” event.

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