FSPA is an Invader Crusader [video]

06/05/2019 4:42 pm

FSPA ecospirituality team members Steve Dewald and Beth Piggush traveled to Madison, Wisconsin, June 5 to receive the Invader Crusader Award. They are pictured below with Tom Buechel, chair of Wisconsin Invasive Species Council (far right).

FSPA ecospirituality team

The Wisconsin Invasive Species Council honored FSPA for its significant contribution to prevent, control or eradicate invasive species that harm Wisconsin's lands, waters and wetlands. The FSPA award specifically honored the work done on the 200 acres of FSPA land on St. Joseph Ridge.

"FSPA created a land management plan with help from Mississippi Valley Conservancy. The plan called for vigorous control of 10 or more invasive plant types on the property," according to the nomination application. "After eight years of work, all mature invasives except garlic mustard have been removed. Garlic mustard control continues and has been reduced in the eight years."


Invader Crusader Award

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