FSPA Director of Affiliation guides us to "The Way"

03/18/2021 3:49 pm

“It is time again to claim The Way, to reach out to those unfamiliar to us and find a common ground within our relationships, community and the Earth,” writes FSPA Director of Affiliation Elizabeth Allen (who herself is an affiliate) in her newly-released guidebook, “The Way in the 21st Century.”


The Way welcomes people of all religions, cultures and spiritual traditions, and is a timely message for everyone. "Too often we are set apart from one another based on our differing beliefs and backgrounds," shares Beth in the book. "Too often we are divided by labels, yet there is a collective wisdom that unites us much more than what separates us. In this guidebook, you'll explore the universal values of reflection, presence, simplicity, humility, peacemaking, stewardship and service in the context of the 21st century."

With common language and practical and tangible ideas, "The Way in the 21st Century" offers a values-based approach to life that leads to a fuller existence, a life of greater meaning and purpose and a better world.

Both paperback and Kindle editions are available for purchase at amazon.com.

Curious about joining FSPA as as an affiliate, a partner in mission and a spiritual collaborator in A Revolution of Goodness that calls us to build relationships that stretch us to be people of encounter, experience joyful Gospel living and celebrate authentically unity in diversity by challenging ourselves to unveil our white privilege? We invite you to explore.

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