Double Acts of Compassion: FSPA's Heartfelt Baby Drive and 800th Nativity Anniversary

12/01/2023 4:14 pm

The heartwarming efforts of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration (FSPA) have been recognized on WXOW News 19 this month for their commitment to compassion and community. FSPA has joined with the Franciscan Spirituality Center, Mayo Clinic Health System and Viterbo University to initiate a baby drive for families facing financial burdens. As the holiday season approaches, they recognize the challenges faced by less fortunate families.

The collaboration aims to support families in need by collecting essential baby-related items: bottles, formula, clothing, blankets, wipes, diapers, with a specific emphasis on size six diapers. Cindy Shireman, the Community Engagement Specialist at Mayo Clinic, expresses the collective understanding of the challenges families encounter during the holiday season, including increased expenses like heating bills. 

Individuals with a heart for giving are encouraged to contribute to this heartfelt cause by donating items at designated drop off locations until December 21. The collection points include Mayo Clinic in Onalaska, Viterbo University, and the Franciscan Spirituality Center. Together, these compassionate entities are making a positive impact by spreading joy and easing the challenges faced by families during this festive season.

In another heartening feature on WXOW News 19, FSPA takes center stage as they lead the celebration of the 800th anniversary of the nativity scene tradition. Collaborating with the Franciscan Spirituality Center, Mayo Clinic Health System, and Viterbo University, FSPA embraces the universal message of Christmas. Sister Sarah Hennessey and Meg Earsley reflect on the profound significance of the nativity scene, sharing nostalgic moments and underscoring its timeless importance.

Beyond reflections, a diverse collection of nativity scenes will be showcased at the San Damiano Chapel on the Viterbo Campus until December 27.  These pieces, originating from various corners of the world and passed down through generations, symbolize the enduring beauty of human life and the spirit of togetherness. Viterbo University Chaplain Father Conrad Targonski emphasizes the nativity scene's profound impact, providing a sense of beauty and dignity to human life. In today's challenging world, marked by global crises and local hardships, Father Targonski highlights the vital need for compassion, making the nativity scene's message more relevant than ever.

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