For One Child of India: Deepening Relationships, Sharing Grant Goodness

01/06/2023 3:39 pm

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FSPA Affiliate RaeAnn Thomas recently introduced us to the people of a small village in Southern Asia where education is considered a "luxury" for most families and the organization missioned to support their children and generations to come: For One Child of India.

RaeAnn's presentation is the second in a series of learning opportunities offered by FSPA's Ministry Grant Fund Committee not just to provide information but to create occasion in which to make connections and deepen relationships in the communities we serve and beyond. 

Interested in investing in the mission of organizations, including For One Child of India? Visit and stay tuned for new sessions to come!

And we invite you to experience FSPA Affiliate Mary Ellen Dunford's presentation about her ministry grant collaboration with Olivet Neighborhood Mission, an organization striving to bring members of the community together to provide services and spaces to meet changing need in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Stay tuned for more learning sessions in this series sponsored by FSPA's Ministry Grant Fund Committee to come!

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