Curiosity, persistence and determination leads to successful 'harp ministry'

07/26/2021 3:04 pm

"News 19 photographer Elizabeth Briggson and Dave Solie spoke with Sister Malinda recently, and learned more about what became a 'harp ministry.'

Sister Malinda would play at care facilities and hospitals, resulting in some amazing stories.

She now focuses her playing at the Mary of the Angels Chapel, Saint Rose Convent and San Damiano Chapel on the Viterbo University campus.

But if the opportunity presents itself, Sister Malinda says, she'd like to return to local hospitals, helping others find comfort in her music."

"Through curiosity, persistence and determination, Sister Malinda Gerke fulfills that mission everyday, something in this case that began with an old harp in the attic," explains Dave. Visit to read the article and watch a short news clip.

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