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Affiliate sews "warm fuzzies" for homeless

01/08/2018 9:59 am

Giving peace: through the spirit of Franciscan ministry, such serenity can come in different forms, at any time, in any place. For an FSPA affiliate from Tucson, Arizona, Lavina Taylor, one of these gifts to others literally surfaced on the top of her head. She shares her reflection - one of finding personal comfort and giving peace to those in need because of it - with us here.      

"During one of our camping trips to the Santa Fe National Forest, a cold spell hit and I wasn't prepared. My husband and I headed into town and I bought a fleece hat.

And that was the beginning ...

Affiliate Lavina Taylor, pictured left

After returning home, I looked at that hat and thought I would try my hand at making one. It turned out fine and so I made more, giving them to my friends and others. Everyone commented on how warm the hats kept them. That sparked the question "Who needs warmth more than the homeless?"

Even though Tucson has lots of sun and warmer winters than other areas, the temperature range is wide and can get down to below freezing at night. My mother always said that covering your head will keep you warm, hold in the heat. So I decided my task - my ministry if you will - would be to make hats, "warm fuzzies" as I named them, for the homeless.

Last year I made about 150 warm fuzzies but didn't know how to distribute them. Then my friend introduced me to Sam Nagy, who started the charitable organization "Socks 2 Serve" in Tucson. Sam used to be homeless, on drugs and headed into a very rough future. He has turned his life around and is now dedicated to helping others.

Every year, Socks 2 Serve has a Winter Warm initiative for which they bundle a blanket, socks and one of my hats to give to the homeless. To make it personal, I label each hat with "Your warm fuzzy, made with TLC." With smaller, leftover pieces of fabric I made child-sized hats and donated them to the Tucson school district fund for needy families. I also donated to the Tucson Poverello House, founded by a Franciscan brother. It's a place where homeless men can come once a week to shower, wash their clothes and get a home-cooked meal.

I hope the hats give inner peace to those receiving them. They each contain a personal note that says "Your warm fuzzy, made with TLC," hopefully conveying personal concern and care. No one knows this, but I place each hat on my head after I make it and pray for blessings for the recipient. This also gives me the inner peace of knowing God can touch each person who is struggling."

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