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Affiliate: "Be yourself. Follow your passion."

08/04/2017 8:04 am

Affiliate Vince Hatt urges you to "help make the world a better place."

In a recent letter to the editor featured in the La Crosse Tribune, Vince reflects on compassion, on passion and who the world will remember most.

"Who does the world remember and admire? It is not the people with the most money. It remembers people such as Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Teresa -- people who owned their pain and gave a gift of compassion to others.

Who will you remember in your life? My bet is on the people who, when you were most wounded and vulnerable, treated you with compassion."

Vince mentions Chief Justice John Roberts' recent commencement speech noting that it was "completely unpredictable." Vince recalls sitting in silence, stunned, after hearing it. "What he said is full of wisdom for all of us. It is pain that teaches us compassion."

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