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AdorationTalk release: And it is good

11/08/2017 9:15 am

“In a world that focuses on darkness and fear there are voices of hope. There are signs of goodness that the world is actually getting better.” Dig deeper into goodness—the Franciscan view of goodness—during Sister Sarah Hennessey’s latest AdorationTalk released Nov. 8, 2017.

Sister Sarah’s “And It Is Good: A Franciscan Perspective” explains that Franciscans view God, humanity and all creation as intrinsically good. And this view has real consequences for morality, science, economics and theology … it can shape both how we act as individuals and our choices as institutions. “God is so good, a ‘self-diffusive good,’” explains Sister Sarah. “God gives so freely to us that all that we know is basically loved into being.” Click AdorationTalk below for access to more webinars.

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