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AdorationTalk: Radical acceptance when you can't

03/14/2018 4:03 pm

“When we live with a chronic illness, addiction, or mental health issues sometimes it feels like life does not make any sense.” For Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration Sarah Hennessey, mental health issues have been a constant companion. “I have often struggled to make meaning in my life.” 

Coming from her experience and from an FSPA spiritual tradition, Sister Sarah shares ways that many have found to make meaning within suffering in her latest AdorationTalk.

Sister Sarah’s “Radical Acceptance when you think you can’t” introduces listeners to three basic tools of acceptance.
•    Mindfulness: be in the present, aware of feelings, thoughts, the body and the world around us.
•    Radical Acceptance: totally accepting who you are in the present moment.
•    12-Step Spirituality: recognizing there is a higher power which is any source of help outside of ourselves.

“It’s about starting where you are, in this moment, with just this step,” explains Sister Sarah. “And then we begin to realize that we are not alone, but on the path that is so much bigger than us.”

AdorationTalk is hosted by Sister Sarah Hennessey, FSPA adoration coordinator. Each episode provides you a closer look at the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration's most sacred tradition: perpetual adoration. 

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