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09/21/2020 4:41 pm


FSPA encourages everyone to engage in civil discourse during these unprecedented and challenging times 

“As we prepare ourselves to vote in November, we’re called to form our consciences and participate for the common good. Just as we as FSPA are engaged in studying and understanding the issues -- economic  justice, migration, racism and care for our common home, to name a few -- we encourage all Catholics, everyone, to do the same,” said Eileen McKenzie, Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration president. “Examine the issues. Examine your values. Examine your hearts,” continues Sister Eileen. “We are all called to faithful citizenship. It requires discernment, prayer and civil discourse. We invite everyone to move forward in spirit and hope--in goodness— and resist despair and cynicism.”


Holding onto Hope: A National Service for Healing and Wholeness

Nov. 1, 2020
4 p.m. (Eastern Time)
Host: Washington National Cathedral
Learn more here


Listening and Loving Through Election Storm event

Post-Election Listening Session
Wednesday, November 11
6-8 p.m.
Presenters: Franciscan Spirituality Center staff
Investment: $5
Registration deadline: November 10
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The 2020 elections exposed and deepened the divide that exists in our country. Fueled by political advertising, social media posts and media coverage, feelings and tensions escalated as we approached the November elections. With the election over, many people still worry about how to handle interactions with friends and families. Join us for a listening session to express your feelings, strive to understand others’ viewpoints and look for signs of hope, courage and healing – no matter what side of the political spectrum you are on. The FSC staff members facilitating this session are trained in spiritual direction, compassionate listening and conflict resolution.


Responding to God who loves all creating into being we commit to migration, racism and climate change

"Reading the signs of the times from our desire to create communion, we, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious ... respond to God who loves all of creation into being, we recommit ourselves to create communion and examine root causes of injustice. We particularly focus on the intersection of racism, migration, and climate crisis. We recognize a sense of urgency and pledge prayer, education, and advocacy. We use our collective voice, resources and power in collaboration with others to establish justice which reflects God’s creating love." -Leadership Conference of Women Religious

LCWR Social Justice Promoters have embraced this statement and have created three study modules on the issues of racism, migration, and climate crisis to present to our memberships for their reflection as they prepare for the November elections. Each module includes a section on experience of people affected by the issue, values of the issue in light of Catholic Social Teachings, and a call for action.

Click or tap the image below to download the guide.

A reflective voting guide


Pax Christi USA Statement of Principles for the 2020 Election

Pope Francis quote to love God and our neighbors

Land Acknowledgement
Pax Christi USA wishes to acknowledge and honor with gratitude the land and waterways and the Indigenous Peoples, past and present, who have stewarded Turtle Island, a territory that includes what is currently known as the United States of America. 

Acknowledgement of the Legacy of Slavery
Pax Christi USA wishes to acknowledge the despicable actions of the transatlantic slave trade that paved the way for current anti-Black racism. The labor of enslaved African people built the physical structures and generated the wealth still enjoyed by many of this country’s institutions and families.

Acknowledgement of the Role of the Catholic Church
Pax Christi USA wishes to acknowledge and repent for the role of the institution of the Catholic Church in the process of  colonization and its complicity in the sins of anti-Black racism, enslavement, and segregation. 

Read the full Pax Christi Statement of Principles Elections 2020

Faith, Hope and Love During an Election

"We need each other. We are called to appreciate – celebrate – diversity. The inclusion of every culture, nation and people is an element in the reign of God, in the pictures we’re presented throughout the New Testament of the Bible, from the start of the book of Matthew to the end of Revelation. Even while much remains uncertain, the Spirit continues to summon us into the messy places of discomfort. So, we’re entering into contemplation and service, to help all know God’s love and peace." - Sister Julia Walsh, in this interview with Jennifer Grant that is part of Compassionate Christianity‘s “Faith, Hope and Love in an Election” series. 


Pledge to put your faith into action through civil conversation


Civilize It

Tips for Engaging in Civil Dialogue

1. Listen first and seek to understand the whole picture.
2. Ask questions for clarification.
3. Use ‘I’ statements; pay attention to body language.
4. Listen to what feelings are present and pay attention to how you respond.
5. Summarize what you’ve heard and ask for feedback. 

Also from Civilize It 
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