Walking With the Community + Keynote Evening (via Zoom)


Thursday, Jun 17, 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Together on Our Way: Becoming Trauma-Informed Faith Communities conference

Walking With the Community: Local Organizations That Are Making Change Together
8:30 a.m. – Welcome – Sarah Hennessey, FSPA
9 a.m. – Community Connection: Safe Families for Children – Tracy Trussoni and Lila Barlow
10:30 a.m. – Community Connection: Better Together – Lacie Ketelhut
1 p.m. – Community Connection: La Crosse Area Mentorship Program – the Rev. Dave Konkol and Liz Arnold
2:30 p.m. – Hope For The Day/Sip of Hope – Allison Herman and Matt Fuchs

Registration for this track includes keynote evening, There Is a Balm: Faith Communities, Trauma and Their Call to Respond (via Zoom), presented by the Rev. Dr. Frederick Jerome Streets on June 1.

If you haven't ready registered and/or attended a free, virtual Preconference Session – ACEs and Trauma 101 (offered May 11, 13, 17 and 19), please add that to your registration.

Together on Our Way: Becoming Trauma-Informed Faith Communities (via Zoom)
June 1 - 17
Keynote: June 1, 6 - 7:30 p.m. (CDT)
Tracks: Tuesdays and Thursdays in June, 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (CDT)

We each experience adverse events differently. When an event overwhelms a person so much that coping is not possible, it becomes traumatic and oftentimes people experience guilt, shame and an inability to trust or reach out for help. People frequently seek out a faith community to find hope, peace or healing. Many of us bring past or current trauma in hopes that our pain will be comforted.

Together on Our Way: Becoming Trauma-Informed Faith Communities will help equip faith leaders to foster individual and collective healing by raising awareness on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), trauma and how leaders and communities can walk together with someone on their way to wholeness. This is a unique opportunity to learn from local individuals and organizations who have already implemented trauma-informed care into their practices. Sessions will provide insights into the following aspects of trauma-informed care:

Safety: Creating spaces and communicating in ways that ensure safety and hospitality.
Emotional Regulation: Providing tools and techniques to help individuals and groups de-escalate when meetings, events or life situations become traumatic, intense or overwhelming.
Connection: Cultivating ways for people to connect to one another and the community through empathy, listening and building trust.

Other sessions will be experiential and will provide material and resources for trauma-informed preaching, liturgy and self-care for clergy and faith leaders who experience burnout or secondary trauma.

There Is a Balm: Faith Communities, Trauma and Their Call to Respond
Tuesday, June 1, 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. (via Zoom)
Presenter: The Rev. Dr. Frederick Jerome Streets

Faith communities can play a crucial role in recognizing trauma and creating spaces that support the healing of trauma experienced by individuals and communities. How can our faith communities respond to that call? Join us as we examine the biblical understanding of offering balm and providing hospitality to those whom we serve. The evening will include prayer, study and lecture, and will serve as the basis for the entire Together on Our Way series.

Frederick (Jerry) Streets served as the Yale University chaplain and senior pastor of the Church of Christ in Yale. He is a member of the founding faculty of the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma, which offers a Global Master’s Certificate training program for people from across the medical and mental health fields who are assisting those around the world who have been traumatized by war and natural disasters. Additionally, he was a Senior Fulbright Scholar at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, where he taught in the Department of Practical Theology and explored the intersection of religious, social welfare and medical institutional outreach services to those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. He is a chaplain-in-residence at the annual Samuel De Witt Proctor Institute for Child Advocacy Ministry of the Children’s Defense Fund, where he offers daily meditations and facilities discussions on the needs of children and offers pastoral support to participants. A native of Chicago, he has been nurtured by several faith traditions, including the Progressive Baptists, American Baptists, Roman Catholic Church and the United Church of Christ. He serves as senior pastor of the historic Dixwell Avenue Congregational United Church of Christ in New Haven, Connecticut, a multicultural church, founded in 1820, and the oldest African American congregational church in the world.

Thank you to the La Crosse Community Foundation for its generous financial support of this conference.
GROUP DISCOUNT: 20% off for groups of 5 or more from your organization. Please call 608-791-5295 to register your group.

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