A Retreat in Celtic Tradition

03/08/24 - 03/15/24

Presenters: Sister Karen Kappell and Pat Pintens

Although no culture contains truth completely or perfectly, the early Christian Celts were able to see the beautiful presence of the Divine in a relationship with Nature that stressed humility, dignity of all things, and God’s presence in and through all of Creation. They maintained rich spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, communing with Nature, care for those in need, hospitality, and poetic use of the imagination and art. They saw, in all experiences, the presence of the Spirit, and were very skilled at seeking encounters with God in all of life. They believed men and women are equally able to inspire, lead, and participate in all aspects of community and spiritual practice. And they had a wonderful tradition of cultivating soul-friends who took caring responsibility for assisting in the development of and sustaining the journey of a spiritual life well lived. Through the week’s retreat we will pray and pursue approaches to living a spirit filled life in the Celtic Tradition. 

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