Women at the well is time to fill your cup

By Bonnie Johnson, affiliate

When the late Sister Charlotte Seubert joined Christ the King Parish in Moline, Illinois, as adult faith director, she assembled a small group to discuss a direction for adult faith formation. Someone brought forward an idea from another parish, “Moms at the Well.” For Christ the King, this seed of an idea became “Women at the Well.”

Sister Charlotte created a committee to design a program to nurture every woman of every age in her spiritual growth, and the first event was held in September 2002. “Women at the Well” continues today, meeting four times per year.

On the day of our event, doors open at 5:30 p.m. and a simple supper is served by volunteer men from our parish. The inspirational program follows. Our guest speakers cover a variety of topics dealing with faith, family and relationships. Past speakers have included Sister Malinda Gerke, who brought her traveling harp, Sister Amy Taylor, who was Sister Charlotte’s final guest speaker selection, and our Togolese women whose presentation was titled “We Have Come to America.”

At all “Women at the Well” events, we encourage our guests to feed our well by contributing to Madre del Salvador, a parochial school in El Salvador where Sister Charlotte ministered for almost 20 years. Funds raised support tuition for the neediest students. 
Sister Charlotte’s vision has spread. We’re aware of two other parishes in northwest Illinois and the southeast Iowa Quad Cities area now hosting “Women at the Well” events. And, before she passed, Sister Charlotte encouraged and started a program for men. A recent “Men’s Night Out” drew 70 attendees!

Affiliate Anna Catour now serves as our adult faith director and promotes the program — Sister Charlotte guided her into this position. I, also guided by Sister Charlotte, continue to serve as a program facilitator.

“Women at the Well” helps women of all ages make a difference in their own lives and enrich the lives of others around them. Sister Charlotte, your vision lives on.

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