We listen to the call of evolutionary consciousness

by Karen Flottmeier, FSPA

We have been talking about and reading about consciousness for a long time. At workshops some 20 years ago we sang songs naming God as Eternal Consciousness and Universal Love. Those same workshops proclaimed the birthing of a new consciousness—that human consciousness was in the process of transformation.
That transformation, for our universe, is unfinished. New stars are born, new planets appear and we, individually and collectively, have a growing global and planetary consciousness. We experience empathy for victims of recent floods, earthquakes and tornadoes.
Our consciousness evolves in the realization that the cosmos, the earth and humanity are always moving ahead toward a new horizon of fuller being. We cannot imagine now what that fuller being will look like but we are called to embrace this new, ever-evolving creation and interconnectedness of all being.
Teilhard de Chardin says, “God is the excess of everything that exists, the overflow of love. God is the transcendent, future horizon that draws an entire universe, not just human history toward unfathomable fulfillment yet to be realized.” God and the world are in the process of becoming more than what they are separately because the universe is centered in Christ, the personal center of divine union in love. 
We are called to evolve consciously toward greater unity. We are to own that we are one with all beings. 
In “From Teilhard to Omega: Co-creating an Unfinished Universe” Ilia Delio is quoted: “We are to help shape that unity toward an inclusivity of wholeness that reflects the life of Jesus who reached out to those on the margins and brought them into community. Jesus’ intimate experience of God and his self-identity with the Father empowered him to act in the name of love. Jesus showed that love is the creativity of God manifest in all aspects of life but especially in the human person.” 
So let us hear and listen to the call of evolutionary consciousness and act upon it in love.


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