Sisters Kristin Peters and Laurie Sullivan follow footsteps of Saint Clare

“Following St. Clare” who “walked through the darkness of night” and chose to “enter into paradise” through the gate of Moaino, Sister Kristin Peters professed her perpetual vows as a Franciscan Sister of Perpetual Adoration in Mary of the Angels Chapel on June 3.
Many were there to walk with Sister Kristin including her family, friends, sisters and Father Conrad Targonski, who presided over the Eucharistic celebration and read from the Gospel (John 10:2-4, 7-9, 14-15) of the sheep flocking to Jesus. “I am the gate … Whoever enters through me will be saved.” During his homily Father Conrad told of his recent pilgrimage to Assisi—how he experienced “goosebumps” as he stepped through the gates like St. Clare—and offered reflection of how her willful going to the lepers, to poverty and to prayer mirrors Sister Kristin’s perpetual vow of poverty, consecrated celibacy and obedience. “Did Clare look back over her shoulder” or ahead “to darkness and uncertainty?” She chose to follow her sisters and brothers “back to claim our original ministries … to self-surrender.”

Giving Sister Kristin a palm branch, as did the bishop to St. Clare in blessing of her ultimate passage to strength and conviction, Father Conrad said, “the time is now.” 
And in the moments following, as Sister Kristin accepted the invitation and the FSPA ring, Sister Karen Lueck welcomed her: “As a member of this Franciscan community, wear this ring as a sign of your commitment to Christ and to the Church. May it always remind you of God’s tender love for you and of your promise to share this love with God’s creation.”


Sister Laurie Sullivan renewed her vows with FSPA on May 31 at a ceremony held at Villa St. Joseph. “Laurie’s response to the sacred summons is to walk in the footprints of Sts. Francis and Clare,” said Sister Jolynn Brehm in her reflection. “As a bread baker, Sister Laurie knows the effects of leaven. She knows there’s a batch of dough out there—the homeless, the downtrodden—that needs her. And she is the yeast bringing her warmth and sweetness.” Pictured below: Sisters Karen Neuser, Karen Lueck, and Laurie; Mary Bates, Laurie, Dawn Kutt, Clarone Brill; Mary Louise Mutch and Laurie.

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