Show me a sign: Getting in the flow of vowed life as an artist

Q & A with Sister Betty Bradley

Sister Betty Bradley currently serves the ministry of artistry. Sister Betty’s story shows how God uses our natural gifts and talents to lead us into the mission fields. The canvas of her life is filled with all the ways her ministerial positions have flowed with creativity. She has found ways to continue the FSPA fine arts as she brings out the best in all those she meets. 

Q: How did your vocation lead you to become an artist?
Throughout my eight years of grade school at St. Ann’s in Spokane, Washington, having been taught by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, we had art class every Friday afternoon. This was where I began to love the gift of creativity and artistic expression. 

Q: How is art a part of your spiritual practice?
To me, art is very meditative. When creating art, I believe God and I are playing together. God is our greatest creator. With God, the creative potential is endless. 

Q: What are the various ways you have used your artistic skills in ministry?
When I was teaching in elementary schools and as a religious education director, I always tried to encourage and support creativity. It is such a great gift to behold. I have also enjoyed teaching watercolor classes to adults. 

Q: How is being an FSPA part of your journey as an artist?
While I was ministering as associate director for FSPA Incorporation Office, I lived next door to Sister Margaret Ann Schlosser. She taught oil and watercolor classes, so I decided to take watercolor classes. In this process I discovered I had natural talent for watercolor painting, so I decided to pursue additional education. As a Franciscan Sister, my hope is to continue expressing the goodness of God through my art. 

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