Preaching with Sacred Fire

Preaching with Sacred Fire book coverSister Thea Bowman’s 1989 address to the U.S. bishops is included in Preaching With Sacred Fire: An Anthology of African American Sermons, 1750 to the Present. The 960 page book is edited by Martha Simmons and Frank A. Thomas and is published by W.W. Norton & Company. August 2010. Of note, Thea is the ONLY Catholic included in the anthology and of course a WOMAN is representing preaching in the Catholic Church very well. How ironic? How Thea? How wonderful? You go, Thea! (Fr. Maurice J. Nutt, CSSR, Memphis, Tennessee)

Ch. 6. From Black to African American and Beyond: 1969 to the Present.
“Being a Black Catholic” by Thea Bowman, FSPA, pp. 612-620

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