Hope for the world radiates from Villa St. Joseph

This fall the sisters residing at Villa St. Joseph were led in a virtual retreat by Sister Joann Gehling. The theme was "Active Hope, a very timely and encouraging focus," says Vicki Lopez-Kaley, a member of the Villa Spiritual Life Team who helped to facilitate the retreat. "The gift of hope was renewed as the participants explored gratitude, held suffering and began to see with new eyes." As the retreat ended, sisters were invited to compose a message of hope for the world that could be shared with others. "We all know that their wisdom as elders of the community is inspiring."

"Hope has a contagious ripple effect," says Vicki, "and we are grateful to the sisters who have shared how the Spirit inspires and comforts all who seek God."

Several retreatants chose to write a reflection or poem that expresses active hope in their lives. Presence is thankful to share and celebrate their sentiments with you.

My Advent prayer is for a safe and hope-filled world free of wars and all injustice.

We often spend Advent waiting for Him whose coming brings us to His Father. We learn about the Kingdom and that He has a mansion there for us. Sometimes hope seems an endless wait ... Hope continues and sometimes wanes. Faith brings it up as we venture forward to our goal.

Heart of the stars,  I bring to the day A smile to each one I meet  To open in a personal way. God looks down and smiles to me. Thank you, God, for the gift of Hope.

We need to Hope! Dear Lord, give me the Hope I need each day to be a Christ-like person in our world today. To help feed the many hungry souls, to clothe the naked and cure the sick and suffering, to care for the poor. To be a Beatitude person, to comfort those who mourn, to be merciful and a peacemaker, to hunger and thirst after righteousness, to help keep the action of Hope alive in our everyday lives and in the world.

In Psalm 33 we read, "May your faithful love be upon us, oh God, as we place our hope in you." Our hope in God comes alive, is nurtured and is evident in our love and care for one another. Hope is expressed in words of encouragement, kind actions, mindful living and loving presence. In living this way, we send out positive hope-filled energy to all the world for the good of all people everywhere.


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