Development Update 2016

Healing, teaching and praying. Your generosity supports our efforts to continue creating innovative approaches to all three ministries. Thank you for your gifts and your commitment to the Franciscan mission—your partnership makes the world a better place to live, worship and grow. See our accountability report here.

Altar boys in Iowa
Miss Remarkable pageant contestants
Innovative approach to praying: These altar boys from Iowa help celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe with their migrant families and parishioners. Joyce Blum, FSPA, coordinate these celebrations around the parents' field work and farm schedules. Photo courtesy of Joyce Blum, FSPA Innovative approach to teaching: Young women with disabilities are encouraged to reach their full potential through educational workshops focused on leadership skills, personal development and stage presence. We are honored to support the Riverfront Achievement Fund, host of the first-ever Miss Remarkable Pageant in La Crosses, Wisconsin. Photo courtesy of Riverfront

RSVP handy men project
Native AMerican spiritual healing
In Wisconsin, bringing affordable home repairs to keep seniors and those with special needs in their homes is what the Retired Seniors Volunteer Program :fix-it" services are all about. Both volunteers, handy men and women, and recipients find the project a blessing. And we are a proud supporter. Photo courtesy of RSVP Spiritual healing and guidance is provided to Native American communities in the upper Midwest through Healing in America therapy, a recipient of an FSPA ministry grant. The program teaches techniques to balance the mind, body and spirit, bringing healing and wholeness to the community. Photo courtesy of Roselyn Heil, FSPA


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