Conrad N. Hilton Foundation launches 'Sisters to All' campaign

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A recent market study shows that Catholic sisters, while highly respected, remain a mystery to most Americans. The survey reveals that Catholic sisters are trusted by a significant majority of Americans (73 percent), and even more said their work is important (83 percent). However, the research also shows that perceptions of Catholic sisters are somewhat dated, shaped primarily by fictional stories and the media versus interpersonal encounters. 

From this research, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation launched the “Sister to All” social media campaign that “provides an opportunity to reveal the positive impact of Catholic sisters in the United States, breaking stereotypes and clarifying misconceptions,” said School Sister of Notre Dame Rosemarie Nassif, Catholic Sisters Strategic Initiative director at the Hilton Foundation. “Conrad Hilton realized that wherever good things are happening for the marginalized and disadvantaged, there are likely to be sisters not just involved, but making a tremendous positive difference.”

The campaign launched in September and the foundation “... hopes all who saw it were encouraged to learn more and help us further promote the lives and works of sisters.”

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