St. Rose Complex Renovation

Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration announced in August 2018 plans to renovate St. Rose Complex. Renovation began April 2019. Watch this page for updates as we move through our project, expected to last through 2021.

Our entrance 
St. Rose Convent reception area is complete. Our entrance is again 701 Franciscan Way. This entrance is now fully accessible with ground level entrance and immediate access to an elevator. All guests will enter here. 

Guest parking
Two hour parking is available along Market Street.

Renovation Scene
Taken March 2020 (top) and November 2019 (bottom), the photos below show progress on the new addition along Franciscan Way.

franciscan way addition

franciscan way addition

About our renovation project

St. Rose Convent, home to some Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and the organization’s administrative headquarters, and the Franciscan Spirituality Center, a program and retreat center founded and sponsored by the sisters, are included in the renovation project and are both located along Market Street and Franciscan Way in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Hoffman Planning, Design & Construction, Inc., Appleton, Wisconsin, will oversee the renovation project, expected to take two years to complete.

St. Rose Convent renovations proposed in design phase include increased accessibility for people of all abilities, updated living quarters for Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration who call St. Rose Convent home, modernized dining facilities and easier access to shared resident spaces such as wellness facilities and community gathering rooms.

The Franciscan Spirituality Center renovations proposed in design phase include increased accessibility for people of all abilities, additional private bedrooms for program and retreat guests, technology updates, expanded use of outdoor courtyard, more programming space and access to an expanded library.

The private, exterior courtyard will be enhanced and become an inspirational space for healing body and mind.

 “The Franciscan Spirituality Center welcomes more than 7500 guests annually,” said center’s director Audrey Lucier. “This expansion allows us to grow both our programming offerings and accommodations for guests who visit us for extended retreats and for those preparing for a ministry of spiritual direction.”

Mary of the Angels Chapel and the Adoration Chapel, located inside St. Rose Convent, will go untouched and tours will continue throughout the renovation period. While the project is primarily interior, exterior renovations include increased accessibility to entry ways to both St. Rose Convent and the Franciscan Spirituality Center. For St. Rose Convent guests, a convenient drop off and pick up will be added in front of the 701 Franciscan Way entrance. Additional interior space will be added to the building’s south side.

“St. Rose Convent, in addition to serving as a home and administrative headquarters, welcomes more than 5000 tour guests to Mary of the Angels Chapel each year,” said Sue Ernster, FSPA, project chair. “The renovations addressing building accessibility will increase the hospitality we’re able to offer guests of all abilities.”

The Franciscan Spirituality Center will continue to provide programming and retreats during renovation. Some sisters living at St. Rose Convent will temporarily relocate during renovations, some within the building and some to Villa St. Joseph, the sisters’ skilled nursing facility located just outside of La Crosse. Some St. Rose Convent staff will relocate during renovations, some within the building, some to off-site space yet to be determined.

Sustainable design practices that are environmentally responsible will be used. This includes: high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, low-consumption water fixtures, high-efficiency site lighting and sustainable building materials (high-recycle content). Existing features and materials will be re-used and incorporated into the new design, reducing the amount of new goods purchased.

Watch this page for regular renovation updates.


St. Rose Complex through the years

The original St. Rose Convent was built in 1871. Additions were added in 1902 (Mary of the Angels Chapel construction began), 1914, 1926, 1948 and 1996.

St. Rose Complex building phases since 1871

St. Rose Complex Renovation Sustainability Goals

Reduction of energy consumption
    a. High-efficiency heating and cooling systems
    b. High-efficiency LED lamps
    c. Low consumption water fixtures
Enhance existing site features
    a. Explore courtyard design option to use utilize native species, low-water needs and other sustainable features.
    b. Research installation of a green roof system to reduce water run-off and solar heat gain.
    c. High-efficiency site lighting
Energy efficient/conserving fixtures
a. LED and Fluorescent lighting with warm colors/Kelvin temperature with occupancy sensors where appropriate
    b. Low-flow shower heads, faucets, toilet fixtures
Controllability of systems and whole building monitoring
a. Thermal Comfort control by residents and retreatants
Reduction of operational costs/maintenance by providing updated technology and systems.
Sustainable material use
a. Look at appropriate uses of fast growing, sustainable products such as Cork flooring
    b. Utilize materials with high-recycle content. Pre and Post Consumer content
    c. Low/no VOC adhesives or paints
High-recycled material use in new materials used
a. Steel frame, steel studs, ceiling tile, carpeting, carpet backing, floor tile, countertops
Deconstruction to be done in sustainable manner
a. Reduce amount of debris sent to a landfill by recycling existing materials – e.g. recycle metals, salvage items for re-sale or donation.
    b. Remediation of hazardous materials prior to demolition (if needed)
    c. Re-use of existing features and materials into new design

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