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Bonnie Johnson
Many years ago, when Sister Charlotte Seubert sought to create a companion community — now the SONbeams — around Moline, Illinois, she “gathered some women at her home,” begins new affiliate Bonnie Johnson’s FSPA story. “My apostolic disappointment is not accepting her invitation [to join them in affiliation] at that time fearing I wasn’t good enough … holy enough; couldn’t pray enough … devote enough time to the community.” Yet 18 months ago, having volunteered to assist SONbeams’ events ever since that time at Sister Charlotte’s house, Barb accepted a new invitation by the women (including her companion, affiliate Anna Catour) to help her discern and embrace affiliation.  

Having raised her family in Rock Island, Illinois, her professional story includes working as a clerk for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and clerical supervisor at Deere & Company’s World Headquarters in Moline, where she is currently a tour guide for its John Deere Pavilion. Barb’s “yes” to volunteerism within her faith community resounds: she’s served Moline’s Women at the Well, parish RCIA team, funeral choir and summer bible school (as a teacher), and in countless ways for companion community events.

And Barb’s story continues to grow in her “yes” to affiliation: “I’m focusing more on prayer, assisting my community and deepening my involvement in both my church and Franciscan community.”

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