Benefits of Giving

FSPA donors make our mission work possible. Acknowledging, thanking and remaining accountable to all who support us is paramount. In addition to thanking donors online, we express our gratitude in several other ways.

Mass and Prayer

Our congregation offers a mass for all benefactors each month and all are prayed for every day in our Perpetual Adoration Chapel.

Magazine and e-newsletter

Benefactors receive a subscription to Perspectives Magazine, our twice-yearly publication that reports on FSPA’s ministry work—showing how gifts are being used to change lives for the better. Benefactors also receive copies of our monthly e-newsletter, Perspectives Update, for briefer updates.

Special Events

As partners in ministry with us, benefactors are invited to join FSPA for special events, including important anniversaries and celebrations of our Gospel mission.


Perhaps the greatest benefit of supporting FSPA comes in the form of peace. It’s peace of mind in knowing you’re helping where you can, a peaceful heart resulting from bringing joy, peace and light to those who need it most and a spiritual peace that comes with proclaiming the Gospel in word and action.

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