Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration (FSPA)

Modern Lives. Sacred Traditions.

FSPA Partnerships

As Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration have moved together with others in many collaborative efforts, our mission and values—derived from our Franciscan and Catholic heritage—have been extended to others. Our network extends from the neighborhood that surrounds our motherhouse throughout the United States and across the ocean to Bavaria and Africa.

Sisters Karen, Karen, Catherine, Helen and Julie at LCWR meetingLeadership Conference of Women Religious

The Leadership Conference of Women Religion (LCWR) is a resource and support for congregational leaders. Its mission is to develop leadership and to empower leaders to be hope-filled women in transforming religious life.

FSPA-elected leaders are members of LCWR at the national and regional level. The leadership team members regularly attend the annual national meeting in August and twice-yearly regional meetings in their respective areas. In collaboration with leaders of other religious congregations, they strive to work for a just world order, be effective leaders, and foster a transformed religious life.

Individual FSPA members have served on the national board and provided regional leadership.

North American Conference of Associates and Religious

NACAR is a membership organization that acts as a catalyst to serve, empower and promote the Associate (Affiliate)-Religious relationship. FSPA is a proud member of this vibrant, viable organization that collaborates with regional partners to promote association in all its forms.

Franciscan Federation

The Mission of the Franciscan Federation is to promote exploration and study of Franciscan Evangelical life and its implications for these times and this society. The Federation provides national and regional opportunities to collaborate, gather and celebrate so that the brothers and sisters can better live the Third Order Regular call to conversion, contemplation, poverty and humility.

FSPA-elected leaders are members of Franciscan Federation. FSPA leadership and members attend the annual conference in August and serve on national committees.

Sisters United News

Sisters United News (SUN) comprises communicators of 12 religious congregations of the Upper Mississippi Valley, including FSPA. Collaborating for maximum impact and mutual support, SUN is dedicated to promoting and publicizing the values of Catholic Sisters living the Gospel in today's world. SUN represents sisters who live the gospel and whose values include: seeking God together in prayer and spirituality; embracing community; living in right relationship with all of creation; working for peace through justice.


The City of La Crosse, Wisconsin, is fortunate to have a number of neighborhood associations. People in the community have sometimes organized around a specific event, or at times a single issue of concern. People gather in the Washburn neighborhood, where St. Rose Convent resides, to find out what can be done to revitalize the neighborhood as a whole. Since 2001, we've met regularly  to share ideas and to develop strategies to improve the area.

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